In 2003, Sri Dhruba Banik arrived @ Silchar with a vision to create exquisite jewellery that resonates with every woman and thus was founded Gopinath Jewellers. He then went out to redefine organized jewellery retail in India by setting up the first showroom at N.N Datta Road, Silchar. At Gopinath’s core lies the understanding that a woman’s relationship with her jewellery goes beyond just a particular design or gem and becomes an integral part of her true spirit and style. This underlying sincerity was the driving force that led to the quest for the country’s most skilled karigars to envision and forge exquisite gold & diamond jewellery, each of which is hand-picked and truly one of a kind. Today, after more than few years of pursuing perfection, Gopinath Jewellers continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence having opened more than 2 showrooms across North East including Agartala.